Will the Country Unite Behind Biden?

Will the Country Unite Behind Biden?

Will the Country Unite Behind Biden?

Joe Biden’s key message throughout 2020 has been about unity. Since he became the President-elect of the United States, he has continued promoting unity and encouraging Americans to put their political differences behind them. Will the Country Unite Behind Biden?

It seems certain that some liberals such as moderate Democrats will unite behind Biden. But other key political groups may not be easily persuaded unless supporting Biden’s agenda advances their own causes. Here’s a look at how three of those key groups are reacting to Biden’s victory and message.

Progressives seek greater influence

Several progressive candidates performed well in the primary race for the Democratic Party, proving that millions of Americans hold progressive values.

Far left progressives have an agenda that differs in significant ways from the more moderate wing of the party. The ultimate nomination of a moderate Democrat was a blow to their cause, though not unexpected.

Because Biden owes his win in part to millions of voters in this group, he may feel obligated to elevate some progressives into cabinet positions or other positions of power. For progressives, this increase in influence is a boon to the movement.

Conservatives begin to regroup

The conservative party has faced an identity crisis since the rise of President Trump. There is clearly a large faction of the Republican Party that believes in Trump’s populist ideas and nationalist message and that faction cannot be ignored.

However, there are also millions of moderate conservatives who desire a return to traditional candidates like John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Ronald Reagan. Some of these voters helped to nominate Joe Biden, finding him a tolerable alternative to Donald Trump.

To succeed as a unified party in the years ahead, the conservative party will need to regroup and find a way to represent this segment of its party-base.

The far right remains a mystery

Thus far, the far right has not conceded Trump’s loss. Once Biden is inaugurated, their protests may continue and deepen into a large, powerful movement to upend American democracy.

Alternatively, the far right may soon see Biden’s moderate approach to governing or the danger of Trump’s posturing. In either of the latter scenarios, they may revert to a less politically-charged way of life and wait four years to attempt to vote Democrats out of the Executive Office.

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