Repercussions of Trump’s Lies Live On Legacy of Trump's lies live on.

Repercussions of Trump’s Lies Live On

Repercussions of Trump’s Lies Live On

Months after his defeat, former President Trump has not stopped asserting his election victory. Trump’s lies led to a violent insurgency against the government in January. But this insurgency did not prevent President Biden’s inauguration.

Still, there are lasting repercussions to Trump’s lies. His claims of election fraud have led to an increase in voting restrictions and distrust of federal institutions. And conservatives who deviate from Trump’s party line are silenced or pushed out of leadership positions, robbing the party of diversity.

Voting restrictions increase

Restrictions on how and when election ballots can be cast have increased in several states this year. These restrictions partly resulted from complications in pandemic voting. But Trump’s claims of election fraud also contributed.

Republican leaders have driven the increase in voting restrictions to minimize liberal votes. Under the guise of reducing fraud, they’re marginalizing voters to maintain power. Trump’s lies will have a lasting legacy through their impact on voting access.

Distrust of government abounds

Republican distrust of government has been steady throughout 2020. Months after the inauguration a majority of Republicans don’t believe Joe Biden legitimately won the Presidency. Millions of Republicans are also choosing not to get the COVID-19 vaccine out of distrust for science, the government, or both.

Trump’s claims of election fraud and their contributions to governmental distrust are, thus, indirectly resulting in deaths. The environment he has created will likely continue to stoke the fires of doubt. They may also inspire future insurgency like the one they inspired in January.

Conservative voices are silenced or pushed out

Trump’s lies and pressure from the electorate have forced conservative lawmakers to choose sides. They can choose the truth or loyalty to Trump. For those party leaders who choose the former, the punishment is swift. These lawmakers are pushed out or drowned out by Trump loyalists.  

Trump’s lies and the Republican Party’s loyalty to Trump are robbing the party of diversity. Conservative lawmakers cannot dissent or hold unique viewpoints without fear of repercussions.

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