Three Reasons Mail-In Voting Makes Sense

Three Reasons Mail-In Voting Makes Sense

Three Reasons Mail-In Voting Makes Sense

Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee are paying millions to fight voting rights lawsuits around the country. These lawsuits attempt to give Americans the ability to vote via mail, so they aren’t required to physically visit the polls during the coronavirus pandemic.

But despite the Republican Party’s objections to mail-in voting, it’s a smart solution to adopt in 2020. Below are three reasons mail-in voting makes sense.

1. The fraud risk of mail-in voting is minimal

President Trump claims that election fraud is an inevitable outcome of mail-in voting. However, experts maintain that mail-in voting fraud is rare, though it is slightly more common than in-person voting fraud.

One reason Trump may be making these claims is to begin sewing the seeds of doubt about the validity of the 2020 election outcome. If Trump loses the election, liberals claim he may point to election fraud rather than accepting the loss.

2. Mail-in voting will reduce the spread of COVID-19

Voting in person involves one-on-one interaction with poll officials and standing in line with dozens of other people, waiting to cast a ballot. Since epidemiologists believe the COVID-19 pandemic will still be raging this fall, in person voting is a dangerous proposition.

Many Americans are at high risk of severe illness if they contract COVID-19. The election could easily become a “super-spreader” event at many polling places. Mail-in voting reduces the number of people showing up to the polls, thereby reducing the risk of viral spread.

3. It allows more Americans to vote

For some Americans, getting to the polls on Election Day is hard. Work schedules, child and elder care needs, lack of transportation, and illness and disability may all prevent eligible voters from showing up to the polls. Mail-in voting makes it easier for all voters to participate in the election.

Mail-in voting is a must for the 2020 election

Mail-in voting is a must for the 2020 election. It’s a safe way to allow all eligible Americans to vote without fear of getting ill and without creating the risk of overwhelming the medical system. There are well-known ways to minimize the already-low risk of fraud, and saving lives is worth the effort.

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