Three Reasons Liberals Shouldn’t Move to Impeach 3 Reasons Why Liberals Shouldn't Move to Impeach

Three Reasons Liberals Shouldn’t Move to Impeach

Three Reasons Liberals Shouldn’t Move to Impeach

Following the insurrection at the Capitol, lawmakers and pundits are discussing the possibility of removing Trump under the 25th Amendment. Vice President Pence, however, has not indicated a plan to remove Trump from office, making it impossible to invoke the 25th Amendment. There are actually several logical reasons Liberals shouldn’t move to impeach former President Trump.

Pence’s decision not to move against Trump may be prudent. While there is some risk to Trump maintaining power as he continues to dispute the election’s validity, there are at least three reasons liberals may want to follow Pence’s lead and patiently wait it out.

Stoking the far-right

A segment of the country believes the election was stolen by Biden. They’ve read, heard, and seen media indicating there was widespread fraud in the election process. A number of political leaders have perpetuated this falsehood.

Removing Trump from office would only stoke the fire beneath these angry members of the electorate. This could lead to more incidents of violence and unrest, causing national distress.

Unraveling newfound unity

The insurrection inspired a rare show of relative unity by Congress. Republican Senators who promised not to verify the election results changed their minds after seeing the effects their words and votes could have. Democratic Senators clapped and cheered for Republican colleagues affirming the election results.

A move to impeach could jeopardize this newfound unity at a time when building bridges is of the utmost importance. Liberals should consider the risk to taking divisive action at this important juncture.

Distracting from critical work

New members of Congress will soon be voted in. Many other members will soon leave their office. But, the current legislators have work to do. Impeachment proceedings will distract from that critical work and will frustrate voters whose lives are being affected by the pandemic, economic hardship, and a host of other issues.

Liberals shouldn’t move to impeach at the close of Trump’s term. We learned through the insurrection that Trump is dangerous, but he is not unpredictable. The country can feel reasonably confident he will exit office without initiating a catastrophe.

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