The Election Was Close and Democrats Should Worry

The Election Was Close and Democrats Should Worry

The Election Was Close and Democrats Should Worry

Democrats and many moderate Republicans believed the 2020 election would be a blowout for Joe Biden. The polls suggested he was ahead even in traditionally deep red states and the pundits were sure Trump’s base was dwindling. Truth is, the election was close.

The election results are far from a blowout. While Joe Biden’s lead in popular votes is decisive, the electoral map could have very easily looked different and victory relied on a handful of deeply divided states. This does not bode well for the liberal’s future or for Biden’s success as the President.

Electoral votes skew the country red

In several Presidential elections, Democrats have won the popular vote and ultimately lost the race. The country’s electoral college system skews the map red and benefits the Republican Party. There are ways to combat the Electoral College’s unrepresentative set up, but progress is slow.

Until the Electoral College system is circumvented on a wide scale, the liberal party should be worried. The 2020 Census is unlikely to improve the party’s electoral outlook and power is difficult to gain in the current system. Encouraging expansion of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is one option to promote before the next election cycle.

If the best candidate can’t dominate, who can?

Joe Biden was chosen as the Democratic nominee because the party believed he had the best chance of winning. His political background is moderate, he is a white, Christian male, and his working-class childhood endears him to some middle-Americans. Not only is Biden experienced; he is safe.

If Biden, as a middle-of-the-road candidate with relatively few skeletons in his closet, can’t pull out a resounding win, what Democrat can? The party should be very concerned about its candidate pool – or how the country will relate to its best leaders and policymakers.

President-elect Biden is in for a difficult term

Finally, the Democratic Party should be concerned about how the next four years will frame the country’s perception of liberals. Biden is taking office during a pandemic that is out of control. Millions contest the validity of the election results. And widespread unrest has grown to an inflection point.

If Biden can’t solve the many problems ailing this country, voters may turn away from moderate Democrats in the next election cycle. This could spell disaster not just for the party, but also for the country, which needs stable, thoughtful governance more than ever.

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