Surprising Poll Results, with Less Than 100 Days Before Iowa Caucuses

Surprising Poll Results, with Less Than 100 Days Before Iowa Caucuses

Surprising Poll Results for the 2020 Election, with Less Than 100 Days Before Iowa Caucuses

With less than 100 days before the Iowa Caucuses, a recent poll[1] shows that what was expected to be a three-person race for the Liberal Party’s presidential election nominee has now broadened to include a fourth candidate.

Biden and Sanders Losing Ground

Democratic Party stalwarts Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are still top contenders in the Iowa poll, but both candidates are starting to see weaker numbers as their campaigns are overshadowed by their opponents.

For Sanders, strong fundraising results counterbalance difficult press coverage following his heart attack, which focused on whether or not he can handle four strenuous years in office at his advanced age. For Biden, shrinking fundraising dollars reflect his family’s name being associated with questionable foreign business dealings, though so far the family appears not to have done anything unethical.

Both candidates entered the race with substantial backgrounds in public service, and while those backgrounds allow them to highlight the results they’ve achieved in office, they also contribute to the public’s perception of Sanders and Biden as establishment candidates who won’t bring about real change.

Warren Holds Strong, and Buttigieg Gains Momentum

Elizabeth Warren has long been considered a front-runner for the Liberal Party’s nomination and it’s no surprise that she’s in the top spot in the Iowa poll. What is surprising, though, is the size of her lead: she received 28% of votes followed by Pete Buttigieg’s 20%. Warren’s lead may be the result of her investment in Iowa, where she set up several offices early in the campaign and has spent a good deal of her time.

Pete Buttigieg’s rise to the second spot in the poll is the most surprising result of the poll. The Midwestern mayor undoubtedly has home-field advantage in Iowa, as one of the only candidates from the Midwest, but presumably his success can also be pinned to his relatively moderate stances, his broad appeal which makes him a viable opponent to President Trump, and his fresh, baggage-free public persona.

Are More Surprises in Store?

Three months ago, many pundits seemed sure that Biden was the candidate who had the best chance of winning over American voters and beating President Trump in the 2020 general election. Along with Bernie Sanders, another long-tenured Washington politician, Biden is losing steam in the race to the Iowa Caucuses and the presidential election, and candidates with shorter track records and fresher ideas are taking center stage.

With less than 100 days to go before the caucuses begin, it’s anyone’s guess whether more surprises are in store for the Liberal Party as it gauges the feelings of voters poll results for the 2020 election and establishes its modern identity among a shifting electorate.



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