Modern Liberalism in the United States

Modern Liberalism in the United States

Modern Liberalism in the United States

Modern Liberalism in the United States and its mainstream ideology have undergone some change in the last few decades, and there is now a need for liberal Americans to band together to support strong candidates and policies in order to strengthen their position in national leadership.

The United States has been plagued for years by a broken, bipartisan system that pits conservatives and liberals against one another, even when their beliefs and goals around some legislation are similar or complementary. This political environment encourages conflict, and that conflict has filtered down to the party-level, negatively impacting the unity and power of the liberal party.

Discord in our Recent History

In the last 20 years, liberalism’s mainstream ideology in the United States has changed. After his two terms in office, Bill Clinton left a strong economy and relatively stable government behind for his successor, George W. Bush. But early in Bush’s first term, terrorism struck the country on September 11, 2001.

The feeling of national unity immediately following the attacks turned into discord over military intervention in the following year. Emotions and the national dialogue began boiling over soon after, and that discord continued through both of President Bush’s terms in office and both of President Obama’s terms in office. It continues to this day, and is destructive to our citizenry and national security as well as to our political parties, which are too weak to accomplish meaningful change.

Overcoming Discord and Division

Through this tumultuous time, national attitudes toward issues like abortion, race, immigration, defense spending, and gender and marriage equality have changed dramatically. As a result, liberalism in the United States looks different than it did 20 years ago, and its adherents must now reorganize in order to advance their policy agendas and values.

Remembering the foundation on which modern liberalism is built will help liberals find their footing and regain the support and unity they’ll need to win elections and influence national policy. Liberal ideologies are rooted in strong values like transparency, equality, and compassion, and a renewed commitment to those values by liberals across the country will empower the party to overcome the division that has weakened it for years.

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