Modern Liberalism from the Eye of a Conservative

Modern Liberalism from the Eye of a Conservative

Modern Liberalism from the Eye of a Conservative

Conservatives often see eye-to-eye with liberals on some of the most important facets of life, like the importance of family and the desire to live comfortably. But while some of the fundamental values that drive modern liberalism’s mainstream ideology may appeal to conservatives, modern liberalism from the eye of a conservative varies.

Foundational Differences between Liberals and Conservatives


In modern liberalism, the right to access services and opportunities is believed to be universal, and equality is one of the cornerstones of the modern liberal ideology. To a conservative, equal and universal access to services and resources are not necessarily human rights or entitlements; some services and resources must be earned.

Redistributing Wealth

Likewise, in the mind of a conservative, redistributing wealth to marginalized or underprivileged populations should be done in moderation by the government, and should more often be a personal decision made by wealthier members of society rather than government-enforced policy. Conservatives may see liberals as impractical, with unachievable, utopian ideas, and as poor stewards of tax dollars.

Personal Liberty

Finally, while conservatives often view freedom of expression and speech to be important constitutional rights, in some conservative circles, diversity and alternative lifestyles are not celebrated or supported. Conservatives also value personal liberty and the rule of law over strong social institutions and safety nets, and they may believe modern liberalism’s values and ideologies limit those personal liberties and weaken important laws.

How Conservatives view today’s Liberal Party

Today’s liberal party is deeply affected by division and disorganization. Conservatives tend to view the party for what it is: a potential threat for government power that has some work to do before it becomes a more dominant force. While some conservatives view modern liberal ideology as snobby or overly idealistic, others respect liberals despite their differences of belief and understand that the well-being of our country depends on both parties reaching across the aisle to make meaningful changes happen.

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