Is the Whistleblower Hurting the Liberal Party? Is the whistleblower hurting the liberal party?

Is the Whistleblower Hurting the Liberal Party?

Is the whistleblower hurting the liberal party?

If you’ve seen or heard any news in the while, you know President Trump is facing impeachment for asking foreign governments to investigate the private business dealings of his biggest competitor’s son.

A whistleblower revealed that Trump asked Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, to look into the work Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, has done in Ukraine. Since this scandal began unfolding, more information and whistleblowers have come forward. But is the impeachment process in the liberal party’s best interest, and will the whistleblower hurt the liberal party if Joe Biden’s reputation is affected?

Impeachment proceedings may alienate or further inflame the right

For voters on the right who supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election and who believe in his policy stances and style of governing, the impeachment proceedings begun by the liberal party may only confirm what many already believed: that Democrats are more interested in seizing power than in working with other leaders to affect change for the American people.

Trump’s presidency has been plagued by bad press and almost ceaseless drama, and while many Americans believe he has brought the hardship and low approval ratings on himself, others feel defensive, believing he has not been given a chance to succeed. For these voters, the impeachment proceedings represent a hostile liberal party, and as a result, they may double-down on their support for Trump in 2020.

The scandal distracts us from other issues and the election

The whistleblower has brought to light a fascinating legal case and a legitimate concern about the president’s ability to govern, and news outlets have latched on to every aspect of the story, using frequent “breaking news” headlines as new information emerges. Meanwhile, important issues are being addressed by the legislature and the Supreme Court, and the 2020 presidential candidates are still campaigning. As the scandal unfolds, we miss opportunities to learn about other things going on in the world worthy of our notice and concern.

Scrutinizing Biden may hurt the liberal party

Whatever one may think of Joe Biden’s political career and policy stances, it can’t be denied that he is a generally well-respected politician with a fairly clean history of public service. But as his son, Hunter, is thrust into the spotlight for something that has so far been deemed legal and unworthy of scrutiny, Biden is being scrutinized as well. As the primaries draw closer, the bad press and potentially revealing investigation into Biden could lead to negativity and infighting among the Democratic Party and presidential candidate pool, weakening its fight for the Presidency in 2020.

Is the whistleblower causing more harm than good?

The whistleblower should be commended for his or her bravery in bringing forward an issue that is incredibly important to America’s security, and though the information shared in the report may cause some harm to the country’s political fabric, particularly to the liberal party, that harm is outweighed by the good of upholding the law and American values.

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