With Impeachment Over, What’s Next for the GOP?

With Impeachment Over, What’s Next for the GOP?

With Impeachment Over, What’s Next for the GOP?

While liberals enjoy their newly-won majority in the Senate and their hold on power in the House of Representatives, conservatives have soul-searching to do. Impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump failed, but they revealed how divided the Republican Party is. With Impeachment Over, What’s Next for the GOP?

Now that impeachment proceedings are over, the GOP has roughly a year and a half to regroup. To win back its Congressional seats from liberals, it will need to reunite Americans who are deeply divided over how the party handled Trump’s final weeks in office.

Deep divides revealed in impeachment proceedings

The attack on the Capitol was a watershed moment for Congressional Republicans. Many feared for their lives and acknowledged the danger of Trump’s false claims about voter fraud. Others still chose not to certify the election results, even after seeing how harmful Trump’s claims were to democracy.

The impeachment proceeding against Trump following President Biden’s inauguration further demonstrated the party’s divide. While the Senate ultimately voted not to impeach, the vote in favor of impeachment was the most divided in any impeachment trial, ever. Seven Republicans crossed the aisle, and millions of Americans agreed with them.

Regrouping as a party to regain Congress

Disagreements over Trump’s impeachment, his election fraud claims, and his populist approach to governing have left their mark on the conservative party. To regain Congress, it will need to regroup and find a way to unite Republicans who love Trump with Republicans who favor a return to conservatism.

Regrouping as a party will be a challenge. To start, party leaders will need to find common ground among their electorate. They’ll also need to redefine their values and guarantee voters that they will return to principled governance. With some effort to organize around comment themes and principles, they may begin to rebuild and find renewed success.

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