Four Reasons Kamala Harris is a Good Choice for VP

Four Reasons Kamala Harris is a Good Choice for VP

Four Reasons Kamala Harris is a Good Choice

After weeks of pundit speculation, Joe Biden announced United States Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate for the 2020 election. Harris’s experience, family background, stances on big issues, and voter appeal made Kamala Harris a good choice for VP.

Harris is a seasoned civil servant

Before being elected to the US Senate, Harris served two terms as California’s attorney general. Prior to that, she served as San Francisco’s district attorney. She also served in several other city and county legal positions within her home state of California. Her legal and political background serve as proof that she is dedicated to civil service.

She represents the American dream

Harris is the daughter of immigrants. Her mother immigrated to the United States from India, and her father immigrated from Jamaica. Harris grew up in a biracial, multicultural household.

Her rise to prominence serves as a reminder that the American dream is achievable for people from all backgrounds. And for many immigrants and children of immigrants, her family’s story is inspirational.

She challenges Joe Biden

Harris vied for the Democratic Presidential nomination in early 2020. On the debate stage with the other candidates, she challenged Biden on his record and some of his policy stances.

Biden’s willingness to invite diversity of opinion onto his ticket indicates that he is open-minded toward a variety of liberal ideas. This could be important to voters who preferred more progressive candidates. And Harris’s willingness to clash with a seasoned politician demonstrates her strength and commitment to her own ideals.

Harris broadens the liberal ticket’s appeal

While Biden would almost definitely have won California’s electoral votes, Harris represents a West Coast sensibility that complements Biden’s East Coast background. Her gender and relative youth are also welcome contrasts to the older men who round out the major party presidential and vice presidential candidates.

Harris also appeals to voters who care deeply about the racial equity movement. Though her background on some racial issues is controversial, Kamala Harris is a good choice for VP. Many voters see reinstalling a person of color in the White House as a step in the right direction for the country.

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