DACA Ruling is Liberals’ Call to Action

DACA Ruling is Liberals’ Call to Action

DACA Ruling is Liberals’ Call to Action

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program protects thousands of young immigrants. An Obama-era program, it prevents deportation of immigrants brought into the United States as children. In July, a federal judge in Texas ruled DACA illegal. The DACA ruling is Liberals’ call to action.

This ruling is not the first to challenge DACA. The program’s continued court challenges signify danger for those it has protected. And the latest challenge renews the urgency for liberals to pass the DREAM Act, providing a pathway to citizenship for these immigrants.

Continued court challenges signify danger

The Texas judge’s recent DACA ruling was not the first challenge the program has faced. In 2017, five years after its introduction, Donald Trump announced the program was being ended. Republicans celebrated his announcement.

The Supreme Court later ruled that the Trump government was not ending the program properly. This ruling kept DACA alive.

An appeal to the July 2021 ruling has already been promised by the plaintiffs. But whatever the outcome of that appeal, it is clear DACA’s legality is in question and its future uncertain. Even if the DACA ruling is overturned in the appeal process, the program will likely face more challenges.

Renewed urgency to pass the DREAM Act

The DREAM Act provides a pathway to citizenship for immigrants whose immigration status currently relies on the DACA program’s continuation.

Earlier this year, the House of Representatives passed legislation creating a pathway to citizenship for “Dreamers.” That legislation stalled in the Senate. With July’s court ruling, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has promised to again push for passage of the DREAM Act.

The federal judge’s ruling on DACA creates urgency for liberals to pass the DREAM Act. Once the Dreamers have a pathway to citizenship, they can work toward solidifying their legal status. They will no longer live in fear of deportation from the only home they have ever known.

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