Billionaire Businessmen Battle for 2020 Billionaire Businessmen Battle for 2020

Billionaire Businessmen Battle for 2020

Billionaire Businessmen Battle for 2020

Candidates for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination are dropping out of the campaign as their fundraising and poll numbers fall short of their competitors. But a new candidate has entered the race, late in the game.

Michael Bloomberg joins Tom Steyer as a billionaire candidate with a business background. Both candidates hope to claim some of the votes that might otherwise be cast for President Donald Trump.

As the candidate pool gets smaller ahead of the primaries, these candidates have much to prove to pull ahead of the frontrunners and win the Liberal Party’s nomination.

Tom Steyer

Hedge fund manager, philanthropist, and activist Tom Steyer entered the race to the presidential primaries in the summer. His campaign is well-funded through his own contributions and he has qualified for every debate.

One of Steyer’s primary platforms is environmentalism and curbing global warming. His views on health care and education are relatively moderate, and he favors heavier taxation on the wealthy and stricter gun control.

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg’s wealth eclipses Tom Steyer’s, and he is a late entrant to the primary race, having officially entered in late November. The former mayor of New York, he’s a well-known politician and businessman.

Bloomberg balanced New York’s budget and considers himself fiscally conservative and pro-business. He has a strong track record of progressive accomplishments, including increasing teacher pay and curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Defeating Donald Trump

Neither Tom Steyer not Michael Bloomberg is leading the pack in the presidential primary race. However, both billionaire Liberal Party candidates stand a chance of winning the party’s nomination.

For many voters, these candidates are appealing because they seem more likely than their competitors to be able to defeat President Trump in the general election. If the country is looking for a billionaire businessman for its highest office, Steyer and Bloomberg are alternatives to Trump with liberal viewpoints and solid political experience.

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