How Biden’s Inauguration Differed from Trump’s

How Biden’s Inauguration Differed from Trump’s

How Biden’s Inauguration Differed from Trump’s

Joe Biden’s inauguration was completely distinctive. Biden’s Inauguration Differed from Trump’s. With the pandemic raging worse than ever before, there was no large crowd gathered on the National Mall. And after a troubling insurrection by the far-right, tensions and security measures were high.

But, there is one key similarity between Trump’s inauguration and Biden’s. Both leaders have started their presidencies under contentious circumstances, with large groups of the electorate joining protests. Soon, Biden will face the challenge of uniting a deeply divided nation — a test Trump could not pass in his four years as president.

Virtual celebration vs. large crowds

Infections and deaths from COVID-19 are reaching new highs nearly every day. Gathering a crowd for Joe Biden’s inauguration would have been deadly, and was out of the question. Instead, a virtual celebration and livestream of the inauguration took place — the first of its kind.

By contrast, Trump’s inauguration turnout was a point of pride for the newly-elected President. He was eager to brag about the size of the crowd in attendance, though many journalists noted the crowd was smaller than in the recent past. Biden will not have such bragging rights following his inauguration.

Enhanced security following insurrection

Though a public convening to celebrate Biden’s inauguration didn’t take place in the Nation’s Capital, the city expected a large turnout for the historic day. Far-right activists who believe the election was fraudulent were expected to protest the inauguration and potentially riot in Washington.

To keep lawmakers and locals safe, the city was under enhanced security. The Capitol area in particular was heavily guarded, and airlines restricted travelers from bringing firearms into the city. Several lodging companies cancelled reservations. Instead of a typical celebration, like the one that accompanied Trump’s inauguration, Washington, DC was in lockdown for Biden’s big day.

Protests plague both Trump and Biden

There is one key similarity between Trump’s inauguration and Biden’s. Following Trump’s election, large protests took place, including the Women’s March on Washington. The days surrounding Biden’s inauguration promise to involve protests as well.

Both Presidents have been and will be operating within a deeply divided country in which unrest abounds. Many hope Biden will be the steady presence in Washington that will help reunite the country.

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