Wisdom Behind Biden’s ‘Help is Here’ Tour

Wisdom Behind Biden’s ‘Help is Here’ Tour

Wisdom Behind Biden’s ‘Help is Here’ Tour

President Biden’s “Help is Here” tour across several states is intended to convey a message. He and Vice President Harris are traveling to promote the pandemic relief bill that was signed into law in early March.

Biden’s decision to tour the United States to sell Americans on the benefits of the package and their rights under the new law is wise for two reasons. First, it allows him to connect with a deeply divided country early in his presidency. And second, it reinforces his populist appeal, which has become a critical piece of the American political landscape.

Building bridges to unite the country

After a contentious election season and a challenging year in 2020, Biden is leading a deeply divided country. However, he promised to be a president not just for Democrats, but also for Republicans. And to be true to his word, he needs to connect with constituents across the country who did not vote for him.

This tour is a good start. The new bill will benefit GOP voters as much as it will Democratic voters — if not more. Touring to discuss the merits of the law and the ways it can help struggling families will allow him to connect with voters from across the spectrum.

Bringing communities together on this tour will also reinforce commonalities. Voters from all parties will see how much they have in common as they work to recover from the challenges of 2020.

Leveraging populist appeal

If the Trump presidency revealed anything about the American political appetite, it revealed that populist politics wins. Biden and his team know this. They used populist politics to their advantage in the 2020 election. And now, by going on tour, they can leverage Biden’s populist appeal to increase support.

While Biden may not be running for president again in four years, garnering more support will serve him well. He will need support from moderates and sometimes even the far-right to make progress on his political agenda. And his party will need more support to pick up more congressional seats in 2022.

Biden’s decision to go on the road to win over Americans and tout his successes is wise. Presidents often take small “victory laps” when they pass major legislation. But after Trump’s four years of campaigning while in office, it is clear that Biden can pull off some major victory laps for the good of the country.

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