Four Reasons Biden’s Approval Rating is High 4 Reasons Biden's Approval Rating is High

Four Reasons Biden’s Approval Rating is High

Biden’s approval rating is higher than past Presidents

Recent polls on FiveThirtyEight show Biden’s approval rating above 50% of the population. By contrast, President Trump’s approval rating never rose above 50%. And Obama’s was below 50% for most of his presidency.

The Biden administration Is just getting started and things could change. But for now, Americans seem to approve of the job he is doing for four primary reasons.

Passage of the stimulus package

One of the first policies Biden focused on after his inauguration was a stimulus package. This package, like the ones before it, gave millions of Americans financial relief. The stimulus packages passed in Trump’s presidency were very popular, and the stimulus package under Biden was as well.

Biden also won many voters over by fulfilling a campaign promise to focus on economic recovery and relief at the start of  his term.

COVID-19 vaccine administration

One of Biden’s early goals was to ramp up vaccine production and delivery. He has succeeded in meeting his ambitious goals.

Within three months of Biden’s inauguration, vaccines have been made available to all Americans who want them. For tens of millions of Americans, this is a major relief and contributes to their approval of Biden.

Focus on governing

Trump’s presidency was marked by Twitter rants and culture wars that distracted from his policy decisions. Biden’s presidency, by contrast, has been a return to the business of governing.

Biden’s lack of celebrity status is, to many Americans, a breath of fresh air. His return to professionalism and his focus on passing meaningful policies has garnered him relatively strong approval ratings.

Support among moderates

Millions of moderate Republicans voted for Biden. And some Republicans who voted for Trump have been willing to give Biden the benefit of the doubt. Biden’s actions in the first half of his first term have met with some scrutiny but have overall not alienated all conservative voters. This, and his broad approval among liberals, has helped Biden’s approval rating stay above 50% in his first months in office.

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