Imagining a Biden White House

Imagining a Biden White House

Imagining a Biden White House

As a Washington veteran, Joe Biden is poised to hit the ground running if he wins the 2020 presidential election. Liberals everywhere are imagining a Biden White House.

But stepping into the presidency during or immediately following a pandemic won’t be easy. Nor will it be easy to rebuild national unity and establish strong policies after Trump’s tumultuous years in office. To succeed, Biden will need to bring about swift change in the White House.

Appointing a strong cabinet

If elected, Biden’s first task in office will be to appoint his cabinet. Trump’s cabinet has seemed like a revolving door, with several cabinet members coming and going during his presidency. Biden’s cabinet will have to quickly create new strategies, build teams to implement them, and regain public trust.

Given his long-standing leadership in Congress, Biden is well-positioned to build a strong cabinet. Many within his political sphere have deep experience and expertise. These connections will no doubt help him build an effective cabinet quickly when he assumes office.

Rebuilding alliances

The Trump presidency has been marked by tense affairs with some foreign governments. Between his soft treatment of Russia, his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, and several incidents with leaders in the Middle East, Trump’s foreign policy approach has been distinctive among recent US presidents.

One of Biden’s earliest priorities will be repairing alliances. He will also need to assert the country’s position with unfriendly governments like Russia and North Korea. An experienced Secretary of State will be essential to improving foreign relations and re-establishing US leadership on the world stage.

Tackling urgent issues

The start of 2021, when Biden will take office if he wins, is likely to be a difficult time. He will inherit a public health crisis, widespread civil unrest, a reeling workforce, and a shattered economy.

In addition to establishing his cabinet and rebuilding international alliances, Biden’s early days in office will be dedicated to tackling solutions to challenges that have arisen in 2020. He can set the country on a pathway to recovery on day one, though it may take years or decades for that recovery to be achieved.

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