2020 Presidential Candidates: The Force to Unite

2020 Presidential Candidates: The Force to Unite

The United States, and the world, have undergone rapid change in recent years. Attitudes are changing about everything from gay marriage to immigration law to international trade. America’s two main political parties are struggling to keep up with the changes, and division is plaguing their ranks and weakening their institutions. The liberal party, in particular, is at a critical juncture in its history and it must reorganize soon to retain and grow its power on the national stage.

Luckily, liberalism still has its most important, most powerful asset standing behind it: its people and the 2020 Presidential candidates. These prospects have the will and the determination to reunite the party and reunite the country after years of turmoil, violence, protest, and frustration. Liberal leaders and liberal voters are deepening their commitment to putting a stop to divisive and harmful rhetoric and uniting their party behind modern liberal ideology and values.

Liberal Leaders Unite Voters and Constituents

Liberal leaders throughout the party have been hyper-focused on uniting constituents and voters behind “big picture” ideas that will have a palpable impact on the well-being of the average American.

While infighting and disagreement within the party has been prevalent for many years, candidates in the national spotlight today are shying away from attacks on fellow liberals and are instead focusing on solutions to the problems that are being perpetuated and exacerbated by the current administration.

Some of the most prominent voices on the national debate stage demonstrate this. Elizabeth Warren famously has a plan for just about everything, Joe Biden is relying on his decades-long experience to prove his fitness to get things done, and Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris are using their fresh ideas to gain attention.

The presidential candidates for national office are not alone. State and local elections are slowly shifting away from attack ads and moving toward edifying ads that inspire rather than divide. While we may never put an end to negative advertising and political mud-slinging, we can certainly reward politicians who use their platforms to share ideas and ignore politicians whose only contributions to the dialogue are hostile words and divisive language.

Liberal leaders seem to understand the needs of the party and the country, and their hard work on strong policy proposals and community building is helping to unite people at a time when unity couldn’t be more important.

Liberal Voters and Advocates affect Change in Communities and Beyond

While liberal party leaders and political office candidates have had an important role in uniting people behind a strong party line, liberal voters, advocates, and community organizers have been even more important.

In the last few years there’s been a renewed effort to build better communities through grassroots efforts and local investment, and this effort has succeeded not only in achieving better local outcomes but also in unifying liberals behind the platforms and causes that have traditionally united the party. From large-scale events like the women’s marches, to small-scale efforts around racial equity and prison reform, liberal activists and community members have been advancing important work and ideas around the country with more fervor in recent years.

These incremental, small-scale changes, when taken collectively, have a big impact on the liberal party and its national goals. When communities are united behind strong programs and values, and when they see the effects of hard work and dedication to these values, they’re more likely to become advocates for change and to unite others in their pursuit of better policy and stronger institutions.

Unity Leads to Better Policies and a Stronger Country

As modern liberals rediscover their roots and their power in affecting change, the party is naturally reuniting behind the most important causes of our time. Unity, in turn, gives lawmakers a chance to focus with fewer distractions, and to legislate in ways that empower more Americans, get important things done, and build a stronger country for all American citizens.

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