2020 Candidates Stand Divided on Medicare

2020 Candidates Stand Divided on Medicare

The last two leading candidates for the Liberal Party’s 2020 presidential nomination had recently went public with their health care policy positions. Their positions demonstrated a major rift in Liberal party ideology.

Many past candidates publicized their liberal stance on healthcare, one of the hardest nuts to crack in American politics. Now, it’s up to the electorate to decide what healthcare may look like in the country’s future.

One Solution: Medicare for All

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren both proposed the United States adopt a single-payer healthcare system. Medicare for all would eliminate the private insurance and socialize the country’s healthcare system.

Bernie Sanders had long been a proponent of this solution, and Elizabeth Warren advocated for it as well. However, Warren’s plan for paying the $20.5 trillion price tag for this system was just revealed. She proposed tax increases on businesses and billionaires to cover the cost.

An Alternative Solution: Medicare for Some

Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg proposed an alternative solution: Medicare for some. Both candidates favor a public option available to any American, including those with pre-existing conditions. But they also believe Americans who prefer to stay on their private insurance plans should have that option.

Joe Biden’s position on healthcare has long been established, but Pete Buttigieg just announced his stance on healthcare policy through a television ad in Iowa.

A Party Divided over a Heated Topic

The Liberal stance on healthcare has long been divided over the topic.

Progressives with strong left-leaning tendencies support a single-payer system, similar to those of most other developed nations. Many believe healthcare is a human right and all should have equal access.

Moderate liberals support a public/private system that doesn’t strain the federal budget. This option gives Americans the means to attain private insurance choices, but doesn’t leave low-income Americans uninsured.

At a time when so much is at stake, one can only hope the party division over healthcare doesn’t factor into the outcome of the 2020 general election.

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